Wiesensteig, the First Edition

One summer morning in 2009 we decided to start a film festival that gives a truly equal possibility to all filmmakers to have their films screened internationally.

We decided that the festival would be organized annually in a randomly selected location, on a random date. So here is what we did: we went to wikipedia.org hit the button “Random Article” and the first location that popped up, was our venue for the first Edition: Wiesensteig, Germany. At random.org we found the date for the festival, and so on 24th Feburary 2010 we actually went to Wiesensteig with a laptop and tried to organize a “festival” in one day.

A small making-of video from the 2010 edition.

The 25 selected random films of 2010

Das zerbrochene Krügerl (The broken glass) by Joe Berger
Mummy’s Boy by Oskari Korenius
RANDOM by Antti Heikki Pesonen
Fetisch (fetish) by Joe Berger
Ultima bucată de ciocolată by Ioana Tarchila
Pintaa syvemälle by Jenny Tervakari
Details will emerge when and if they so choose. By Ilja Rautsi (The RANDOM award of 2010)
Mojo’s back by Azra Deniz Okyay
Western Paralife by Daniel Lindner
SARCSI MU (random anagram of the real film name) by Andrei Tanase
Augenblicke by Martin J. Eder
Cyborg Re-Calibration by Dave Lojek,
Futility by Dave Lojek
GeburtsTOD by Dave Lojek
Hamburg St Georg by Dave Lojek
Letzter Versuch by Uwe Meinelt & Dave Lojek
Parlando by Dave Lojek
Pelt People by Dave Lojek
Phobien by Dave Lojek
Projektion by Dave Lojek
ROFL by Dave Lojek
Spieltriep by Dave Lojek
ZWEIZEIT by Dave Lojek
RAPPORT by Dave Lojek