Talent Campus

The Random Talent Campus 2012

Time: Tuesday 6th – Wednesday 7th of March
Place: Tallinn, Estonia

Campus schedule

We’re happy to collaborate with the Ptarmigan project space in Toompea, Tallinn. Join us for these two interesting nights at the Random Talent Campus. And follow this page for more programme updates!

Live film music workshop & discussion

Tuesday 6th March 2012
18:00-22:00, @ Ptarmigan, Toom-Kooli 13, Tallinn

A workshop hosted by Finnish filmmaker Vappu Tuomisto & the IRFF collective focusing on experimenting live music and soundscapes with short films from the International Random Film Festival 2012. Join us to follow and examine the possibilities and methods of live film music and sound.

Film Festival policies

Wednesday 7th March 2012
19:00-22:00 @ Ptarmigan, Toom-Kooli 13, Tallinn

Festival programmer Mirkka Maikola (Tallinn) is sharing the inside of how film festival selections are made. Filmmaker/producer Hannaleena Hauru (Helsinki)  shares her experiences on discoveries about the international film festival circuit and about the thoughts behind founding the International Random Film Festival – a festival where the film programme is selected randomly amongst the submissions. Join the discussion about film festival policies and about competition in art. Followed by a showcase of some Random Film Festival Films from the Official Selection.


The problem of the second arm – ABC to Spooning

Saturday  10th March 2012
18:00-19:30 @ Anija Mansion

Random Talent Campus wants to encourage its participants to develop their skills also outside of filmmaking – in areas that play an essential role in human living but are less tackled in everyday life. The Spooning Workshop will go through the basic problems encountered in the action of spooning. Our Talent Campus Experts will give hands-on training to the Campus Participants during this special workshop session.

The Random Film Festival is hosted annually in a randomly selected time and location, picked up by Wikipedia Random Article button and random.org. This year the festival will be held in Anija, Estonia on the 10-11 March.

To get into the Talent Campus mode, you can read some filmmaking  tips here:

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