Selection Process

The films shown at the festival are randomly chosen from all the submitted works that follow the rules of our International Competition. Additionally we select our festival’s venue and date randomly each year.


For our International Competition 50 films from all over the world are randomly selected from all movies submitted through our online submission form.

In 2013 we hired 2 Austrian Anarchists in Athens to select from the 1.500 submitted films.

Selecting films in Athens, 2013.

In 2011 the selection was made by serving chocolate cake to strangers in the streets of Vienna from 25 plates. Each plate had 7-8 cake slices, and each slice had a submission film baked inside. The last cake slice left on each plate was the one selected to the festival program.

Suggestions for future selections

Hilma (Cat) selects the films by eating pig’s heart.

Choreographer Georg Hobmeier trusts in the randomness of the body.


Each year we are hosting our festival at a randomly selected date, in a random city or village. We gather our audience during the closing ceremony of the festival to select the venue and date for the next Random Film Festival.

The location used to be selected by opening and clicking “Random Article” repeatedly, until reaching a page representing a location with a local population. We changed this approach in 2012, when we realised that wikipedia only had articles about 7 Chinese villages in their database. Nowadays we are using the Random Coordinate Generator and just click it until we come close enough to any inhabited place (village/city/small island) on earth.

The date of the Festivals Opening Ceremony is selected by using the True Random Number Generator at