Katowice – PROGRAM 2011

Located in the centre of Katowice, (really close to the railway station), you will find Rialto Cinema, and old film theatre built in 1913. At this beautiful venue we will host the Closing Ceremony for The International Random Film Festival 2011.

SUNDAY (10 July), Rialto Cinema, Katowice

19:00 International Random Film Festival Closing Ceremony

(doors open at 18:00)

– Random Awards of 2011
– Announcing the festival venue and dates for IRFF 2012
– Screening the awarded films
– Music guest: Krach der Roboter (Berlin)

MONDAY (11 July), Katowice

20:00-22:00 Best of Random 2011 – Open Air Screening

We will screen the audience’s favourites!