How it all started?


The concept for the IRFF started as a breakfast idea one summer morning in 2009 by Hannaleena Hauru and Synes Elischka – as a critique to the world wide short film festival network. In June 2009 they were talking a lot about film festivals, basically about the common misconception, where many filmmakers are in the belief that all film festivals actually watch all the submitted work from the beginning to the end.

There is a naive belief that program selections and award decisions are made based on an equal evaluation of the films. Especially young filmmakers are seeking approval from film festivals without questioning the methods used for the selections.

So Hannaleena and Synes founded a film festival that gives a truly equal possibility to all the filmmakers to have their film screened internationally. The theoretical basis is to deconstruct the concept of a competition in quality.

The International Random Film Festival is organized annually in a randomly selected location, on a random date. Random awards are given. The first edition for the festival in 2010 was promoted only by our facebook group, as it started as a half-joke to our facebook friends.  The website has been running since April 2011.

The three first festival editions in 2010-2012 were run together by Hannaleena and Synes as the main organisators. After that they have not been working together. The 4th and 5th editions in 2013-2014 were arranged as Synes managing the festival, the 6th and 7th edition will be arranged as Hannaleena as the festival manager.

2010: 1st edition, Wiesensteig, Germany
2011: 2nd edition, Bór Zapilski, Poland
2012: 3rd edition, Anija, Estonia
2013: 4th edition, Garpenberg, Sweden
2014: 5th edition, Gdynia, Poland
2017: 6th edition, Hofuf, Saudi Arabia