The ´I’m not sure what I just watched´ Special

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Seven short films so absurd you’ll leave the theatre thinking perhaps the moon landing was faked after all

EVOLUTION/REVOLUTION by Matthew Thomson, Canada, 2012, 4min
Pam Pam by Maria Duncker, Finland, 2013, 50sec
Tripaliare by Xavier Hervo, France, 2013, 11min
Olivia by Teppo Pölönen, Finland, 2011, 7min
Le Hérisson de Verre by Jean-Sébastien Bernard, France, 2013, 11min
Distopía by Alba Bayés, Spain, 2011, 12min
4-5-6 Feet Below by Gunnar Knutsen, Norway, 2013, 10min

Total Duration: 53 minutes