Brainwashing me softly

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Films so politically charged they could probably only be shown in Sweden anyway

Plan Z – Para la Revolución Social by Pablo Gabriel Davia, Argentina, 2013, 10min
Postapoka by Fabrice Ducouret, France, 2013, 1min
American Montage by Janek Ambros, United States, 2013, 9min
Me Llaman Búho by Irene Garcés, Spain, 2013, 20min
Jaunų Žmonių Pozicija: NEGRĘŠ! by Saulius Kovalskas, Lithuania, 2013, 9min
Comparing Now and Then by Nina Wiesnagrotzki, Germany, 2012, 6min
The Truth Behind by Aashit Chatterjee, India, 2013, 6min

Total Duration: 59 minutes