Submit to the Filmmarket

Note: This guide is only for those willing to enter their film to the IRFF Film Market! If you want to take part in the competition, submit your film here.

Please send the following material through an FTP server link to our Film Market crew. If you don’t have a possibility to upload your material to a server, please contact us via email:, and we will send you further instructions.


All FTP entries MUST accompany the following items, otherwise the entry will be disqualified from the IRFF film market.

Send us the following information in separate files, with all file-names starting with a clear indication of your film title (compressed into one .zip file):
– Your film on a file: video encoding mpeg2, constant bit rate max 25mbites (720×576 anamorphic 16:9 PAL stereo deinterlaced)
– Short Synopsis (.rtf max 500 characters with spaces)
– Very Short Synopsis (.rtf max 50 characters with spaces)
– Medium Synopsis (.rtf max 750 characters with spaces)
– Large Synopsis (.rtf max 1500 characters with spaces)
– Intention note about the film by the director (.rtf max 500 characters)
– Intention note about the film by the scriptwriter (.rtf max 500 characters)
– Intention note about the film by the producer (.rtf max 700 characters)
– Director’s Biography (.rtf max 1 A4 page, 2000 characters with spaces)
– Director’s Filmography (.rtf max 1 A4 page, 2000 characters with spaces)
– 2 B&W or color stills of the director (.tiff 300 dpi )
– Production company’s biography (.rtf max 1 A4 page)
– Logo of the production company (.tiff 300 dpi)
– 3 B&W or color stills of film (.tiff 300 dpi )
– Possible Press Kit of the film (.tiff 300 dpi)
– Complete principal credits list (.rtf)
– Short biographies of essential crew members (.rtf)
– List of Awards for the film (.rtf)
– Possible and planned festival participations of the film (.pdf)
– List of original dialogues with timecodes (.doc)
– List of English translations with timecodes (.doc)
– Still Images and Set Photos of your film (.tiff 300 dpi)
– Press Folder with possible reviews and articles about your film (.tiff or .jpeg)
– Head-shots of the main cast (.jpeg 300 dpi)
– Poster as a file (.pdf max. 10mb, 300 dpi)
– Business Cards of Producer and Director (.pdf in one file)
– Merchandising Catalogue (.pdf)
– List of all Distributors in other Countries (.rtf)

These items may be used in our catalogue or web site and may be released to the news media in order to promote the entered films. (We will send you a release form that the entire cast and crew will have to sign and return to us in original).

As part of our mission statement, IRFF may forward names and contact-details of submitting filmmakers to independent distributors, creative agencies, press- and internet companies. Tapes and other related materials, however, remain in the strict possession of the Festival’s archive.
After completing the upload of the following material our Film Market crew will check the material and send you the official agreement to be signed and sent to the IRFF Office in Helsinki.

By post you will have to send:
– The signed IRFF Film Market contract (sent to you after the FTP download)
– Release-forms signed by the entire cast and crew
– 3 copies of your film on PAL-DVD (deinterlaced)

The payment for the IRFF Film Market is 550 euros per film entry (Including 22% VAT).
The payment can be made via bank transfer or by credit card through PayPal. Further instructions will be sent to you after you’ve submitted the necessary material.

Entering your film to the Film Market assures your film publicity and visibility in the IRFF Market Catalogue and the unique possibility to have your film available in the IRFF Video Library. For a negotiable prize you can also have a Market Screening of your film at the IRFF.
Further contact: