The Amazing Random Competition

We received 28.780 minutes of short films. Tell us how to select the films we’ll show at our festival in Sweden this year?


We’ve received 8 suggestions this year. Check out all the videos people have sent us.


– A backpack for your DSLR Camera from Burton Snowboards for the winner (value 200€).
– 3 copies of the PowerDirector 12 Ultra editing suite for honorary mentions (value 3×100€).


– Selection needs to be as close to true randomness as possible.
– No computers (unless your building something super-awesome that you need a computer for)
– You have to use our credit slate at some point in your video to be able to participate!
– Explain your idea in detail to the camera, or better yet, show us how it’s done and test it!
– English or english subtitles would be nice.
– The aim is to select 50 films from all the submissions we receive. We received 1.461 films this year.


Check out all the videos we’ve already received here!


– Yes you can submit as many videos as you want.
– Everybody can participate. I doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your name is or any of that nonsense.
– Yes you have to send us a video, no video – no award…
– If you have any further question ask