Country of Production: Germany
Year of Production: 2010
Running time: 9min
Language of dialogue: German
Synopsis: Zoe, a young girl, barely aged twenty, is purposeless roaming and apperently easygoing threw the nights and the clubs of Berlin.
Cast: Jamila Saab, Tino Mewes

Screenplay: Stefan Lengauer
Director of Photgraphy: Tobias van dem Borne
Producer: Martin Danisch, Aleksandre Koberizde
Editor: Stefan Lengauer
Film Recording Engineer: Magnus Pflüger, Roman Volkholz
Music: Moritz Krämer, Simon Mager
Art Design: Mara Diener, Lisa Folknes
Make up: Carina Wittmann
Director: Stefan Lengauer

Screening time: SATURDAY, 9 July, Bór Zapilski 14:30 – 16:00 (Screening D)

Screening D, all films:

I’m Here, Lebanon, 4min
ZOE, Germany, 9min
Veterani 2. svetovej vojny, Slovakia, 71min


Night Berlin at. In twenties early her, hits Zoe (Jamila Saab) all the town in clubs. On most ends she nights up in the freely chosen bed partner of a sex. Someone, somewhere, finds but no trace of anywhere romance. Day one way on her home, curiosity caught between her and boredom and perspective of lack, she the idea of selling ponders her body. Smile even her, the makes thought. Happens but what game, when real becomes? Has decide to Zoe.

On the built idea of taking impulse us to places before considered we hadn’t, and surprising the seemingly of consequences fun innocent, Stefan Lengauer’s Zoe looks slice-of-life into a moment of a looking woman young for connection and the world in her place. The short urban is film an intimate lost of a portrait looking soul for someone (indeed anyone or) else, but to terms forced to with herself come. Will Zoe or herself find herself lose, is that’s a question viewer ultimately the left to for decide.

Ilja Rautsi