Country of Production: Australia
Year of Production: 2010
Running time: 30min
Language of dialogue: English
Synopsis: A beautiful woman is obsessed by the coldness of the mannequin and of her own coldness. The love she feels for herself cannot be expressed. She becomes obsessed with her isolation and her collection of these mannequins. A power play in mind and body begins. The build up exposes her agony and her captivity by her own obsession. She cannot break the ties she has formed with the inanimate. The inanimate is her self.
Made by:Christina Harvey

“This is an experimental film with experiments in sound and psychological abstraction. Random scenes. Random sounds. Random movement.”

Screening time: FRIDAY, 8 July, Bór Zapilski 21:00-22:30 (Screening C)

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WindowLicker is Australian director Christina Harvey’s experimental short film which focuses on random sounds and psychological abstraction.

The main character is a young woman (Cynthia Marin) who seems to be lost in her own mind and isolated from the social world. She is obsessed with cold and lifeless mannequins which are much like herself. Held captive by her obsession she feels connected with the inanimate dolls and wants to become one. The film raises several questions about the woman and gives only vague answers. Why is she like that? Has something bad has happened to her in the past? It’s left for the audience to decide.

Harvey has created an excellent soundtrack that consist mainly of random industrial noises and effects, running motors, machine sounds, echoing footsteps etc. Nightmarish noises have very little or no relation to the actual events in the film but they add a nicely brutal touch and aggressivity of the images.

WindowLicker is cold, bleak, distressing and beautiful at the same time. It’s haunting black and white images mirror the psychological state of the protagonist. WindowLicker is extremely fetishistic masterpiece made for the lovers of noise and mental anguish.

-Sakari Määttä