Silent Circus

Country of Production: France
Year of Production: 2010
Running time: 18min
Language of dialogue: French
Synopsis: Simone, 70 years old is living in a nursing home. One day, she meets Cedric, a lost soul. And Cedric is strangely looking like Albert, her former husband, who was a magician.
Cast: Danielle Van Bercheycke (Simone), Johan Libereau (Cedric), Stéphanette Martelet (Nurse)


Director : Eva Poirier

Director of photography : Guillaume Hoenig
Sound director : Jonathan Laurent
Art director : Linda Yi
Costumer : Lola Gadafi
Editor : Antoine Le bihen
Sound editor : Jerome Schmitt
Music : Pierre-Alain Poirier
Producer : Julien Gittinger

Screening time: FRIDAY, 8 July, Bór Zapilski 21:00-22:30 (Screening C)

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