Country of Production: Slovakia
Year of Production: 2010
Running time: 3:30min
Language of dialogue: English
Synopsis: You make things more complicated by forgetting how easy they can be.

Screenplay: Julianne Becker
Photography: Nyoszoli Ákos
Boom Operator: Matthias Glanznig
Music: Dalibor Kocián
Dog Trainer: Lucia Cibulova
Storyboard: Laure Goemans
Clap Loader and Location Scout: Michal Liba
Editor, Producer, Director: Dave Lojek

“I missed my flight to Bratislava and had to take the next one. This way I made this the most expensive production I have done so far. But I am happy, beacuse the film is realy popular online and at some festivals.”

Screening time: FRIDAY, 8 July, Bór Zapilski 21:00-22:30 (Screening C)

Screening C, all films:

El Aparecido, Spain, 4min
Le jouet, France, 3min
Windowlicker, Australia, 30min
PERSPECTIVE, Slovakia, 4 min
Polizones, Spain, 7min
D, Germany, 3min
Lapterik, Armenia, 1min
Silent Circus, France, 18min


Upside down, boy you turn me. Dave Lojek seems to have turned to a cinematic form the old pop song, only this time it’s the girl turning the boy upside down. Or the boy is upside down and the girl is in the normal world, depends on the perspective. Anyhow, the good old “boy meets girl” has here been turned to a new, artsy and challenging form, even too challenging for some. As a random audience member put it: “I don’t get it. Or at least I think I don’t.” Perspective is a refreshingly surreal and un-self-explanatory piece of film – until the end, where it explains itself.

An extra mention should be given for making the film in only three days, with no budget at the last year’s edition of Kino Kabaret Bratislava. Actually the budget was rather on minus than a straight zero, since the director missed his flight to Bratislava and had to buy a new one. Apparently the money put into the new flight was worth it, since the film has gained popularity both online and on festivals.

Anna Ruohonen