El Mueble

Country of Production: Spain
Year of Production: 2010
Running time: 7min
Language of dialogue: Spanish
Synopsis: José and Yolanda are getting tired of their tiny appartment. The lack of space triggers conflict within them. But one morning, they accidentally find in a Furniture catalogue what seems to be their last hope: an incredible piece of furniture that will allow them to have some free room. But the furniture assembly becomes more and more difficult, and they don’t even realise that they’re actually building a trap around them.


Actors: Guadalupe Lancho, Alfonso Mendiguchía.
Directed by: Alan Lucas and Smithee Lucas
Production Manager: Santiago Vallado.
Production Assistant: María Valverde.
Production Runner: Almudena Benito.
Director of Photography: César Maderal.
Camera Operator: Iván Cortázar.
First Camera Assistant: Íñigo Iglesias.
Second Camera Assistant: Raquel Sánchez.
Assistant Director: David Hidalgo.
Script Supervisor: Isabel Aparicio.
Gaffer: Fernando Fernández.
Lighting Technicians: Félix Rodríguez, Adolfo Berzosa.
Production Sound Mixer: Paco Manga.
Production Sound Assistant: Mario González.
Art Director: Marcello Ferraresi.
Assistant Art Director: María Díaz.
Costume Supervisor: Mónica de la Morena.
Make Up/Hair Stylist: Laura García.
Film Editor: Daniel Cortázar.
Sound Editor: Paco Manga.
Colorist/Grading: Iván Cortázar.
Music: Miguel Caro.
Saxophone: José Díaz.

“It was january, it was cold outside, but we were a human stew in the location.”

Screening time: FRIDAY, 8 July, Bór Zapilski 14:30-15:30 (Screening A)

Screening A, all films:

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El Mueble, Spain, 7min
Yaku, Spain, 8min
Bolsillo Vacío, Argentina, 1min
Yama, Japan, 8min
Hard Work, Spain, 2min
Le Livreur, Canada, 30min


Being a Spanish production, this film could be made almost anywhere in the world, at least in places where a certain international furniture giant sells its products to anyone who wants fairly modern design for an affordable price, things that are handy and “easy” to assemble from pieces. Upon deciding to buy one of these items, Jose and Yolanda find themselves in an universally recognizable situation where things are suddenly not as simple as they seem. Dealing with self-assembly furniture grows to be a metaphor of the relationship.

Furniture is genuinely funny, real and effortless in a way that can only be achieved by putting time and effort to both writing the script and the executing it. No wonder that the writer (and producer) Melissa Suárez Del Real was one of the winners of the NISI MASA European Short Script Contest 2008.

Anna Ruohonen