Caruso Inverso

Country of Production: Austria, Brazil
Year of Production: 2010
Running time: 6min
Language of dialogue: no dialogue
Made by: Art Collective ‘Mahony’

Synopsis: The short movie is outcome of a performance by Mahony on the Amazonas in Brazil in 2009.

Screening time: SATURDAY, 9 July, Bór Zapilski 16:30-18:30 (Screening E)

Screening E, all films:

Jirafas, Spain, 6min
Caruso Inverso, Austria/Brazil, 6min
Area Global, Argentina/Austria/Greece/Switzerland, 33min
Viikko Vanessana – Week as Vanessa, Finland, 60min


Caruso inverso” in a short film made by an Austrian art collective calling themselves Mahony. Group consists of Stephan Kobatsch, Jenny Wolka, Andreas Duscha and Clemens Leuschner. Their motifs are often about expeditions depending on the appropriation they receive.

Watching “Caruso inverso” is like watching cut raw material or deleted scenes from Werner Herzog’s classic Fitzcarraldo. Amazon river is the same and even the riverboat has familiar feel to it. Klaus Kinski has been replaced by young Robinson Crusoe with a strange gramophone-contraption made out of wood, plastic and random junk.

In Fitzcarraldo the main character used a gramophone to play Caruso to the menacing jungle, but Mahony decided to go the opposite way. Gramophone seems to be receiving rather than playing and instead of drum beats cosmic radio sounds are heard.

The scenery, monotonous sounds from the boat engine and noises from the gramophone (or wherever) add a surreal feeling to the fil. Slowly paced ”Caruso inverso” might be someone’s dream from the set of Fitzcarraldo. With the right kind of ears you can almost hear Kinski arguing about something trivial with Herzog in the background.

– Sakari Määttä