Come, come, we have photos!

It’s been almost a week since the festival. Hopefully everyone has had some good sleep and is ready to take whatever challenges are waiting for them in the world of randomness, but before that have a look at some photos!

It’s great to have such wonderful people around you. It’s warmer together!

We had multiple screenings full of good emotions. Maybe we didn’t have so many people at our Anija screenings, but you totally surprised us in Tallinn! Thanks, everyone!

While celebrating randomness we found some new friends in Anija. They helped us with technical equipment, knowledge and… really good homemade apple cider!

And lets not forget all those parties..

If you want to see some more, then check out these links:

All pictures were taken by Merli Antsmaa.


Friday, 09/03/2012 –  Festival, day 1

by Getter

To arrive for the first official screenings on Friday one must take a train from Tallinn at 4 o’clock which takes 39 minutes to get to your needed destination. The latter would be Kehra, the station where you literally have to jump off the train onto the platform – preferably without giving yourself any permanent damage.

We were still smiling then...

After that one might want to meet up with a fellow companion so the road ahead will be a bit easier. Then begin the adventure which lasts for 7 kilometres in other words 60 minutes – at first with a smile on your face, then a little desperation because the destination is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, when the sign for Anija appears, you get the feeling of smiling again because you have made it to the 3rd Random Film Festival.

After an unexpected trip one might be pissed and happy at the same time. And tired.

Get there just before the short films, watch them with joy and be somewhat surprised that from a village with a population of 128, three have joined the very international group of festival people in the audience.
Atmosphere in the Anija manor after the screenings is social: people are talking, sharing experiences, trading comments etc. In the end of the evening, just before everybody crawls into their sleeping bags, one must keep in mind not to take the stories of ghosts from the locals seriously – and have a good night!

Tuesday, 06/03/2012 – Talent Campus I

by Elisabeth

You know, the thing with IRFF is that it is not meant to be taken too seriously. So, when the first Talent Campus workshop that was supposed to start at 6 hadn’t started by 6.15 the punctual side of me started to worry, but by 6.45 everybody was ready to start.

About 20 people with various interests arrived to participate in the workshop. There were filmmakers, event managers, music students and even architects who were all curious about what’s going to happen next.

Vappu Tuomisto, who led the workshop, is a young Finnish filmmaker who isn’t afraid of experimenting. “Use whatever you want as an instrument,” she said. As an introduction she showed us a video about a bunch of people improvising with kitchen supplies. Surprisingly half of them had had no experience in creating music before!

Three shorts from the festival programme were shown as case study material. After that it was time to divide into groups and start experimenting to create new soundtracks for the films!

“It’s much easier to experiment in the field of music than in shooting,” said Vappu, but by the time girls started to scratch windows with forks, I realized that some work with myself needs to be done before going to Anija this weekend. It was too much for me. Beware! International Random Film Festival is not for those with weak nerves system!

All in all it was surprising that architects and car mechanics seem to be very good sound designers. On the other hand, the hippie filmmakers lost the game with their jam sessions.

We are looking forward for the live performance at the actual festival in Anija!