Awarded films 2017

Making films is not a sport – not to be ranked to tell who is the best.

Please take some time to question all the film juries, all the film academies, anyone giving stars to films – and most of all yourself – when ranking films. The International Random Film Festival calls out for more discussion, opinions, critique. Lets set our talk beyond measuring, who has the biggest film.

This said, The Random Film Festival gives all its awards at random. These awards are based on nobody’s “taste” or assuption of selecting which film would make the jury or the festival look good.

Random Film Festival Awards 2017

The Cat Audience Award 2017

Who the hell is Satan? by Leo Ferri

Watch the video of how the cat audience award was given!:

Festival Jury at work @ Random Film Festival 2017 from IRFF on Vimeo.

The Runaway Turtle Award 2017

Flipping Out, by Dafne De Vinatea

Thank you to our random audience member at the Award Ceremony 2017 for picking out this winner from randomly hidden winning “envelopes”.

This is a weird photo

The Random Grand Prix 2017

The Random Grand Prix is the oldest and most prestigious random film award in the world. In 2017 the award goes to:

With You, by Trudy Sargent

The Random Grand Prix 2017: WITH YOU, by Trudy Sargent

The selection process of the Random Grand Prix was carefully made by using a Random Quote generator, and seeking for matching words in the quote and in the winning film: