Country of Production: Germany
Year of Production: 2011
Running time: 23 min.
Language of dialogue: English

Synopsis: They came here and built their organic machines from giant vegetables. But what is the purpose of these machines?

Made by: Adi Gelbart

“In his first short movie, renowned electronic musician Adi Gelbart expands his audio experimentation into the visual and narrative realm. Gelbart is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, and since his move from Tel-Aviv to Berlin in 2005, he has been getting increasingly involved with the creation of video
works. In his work, he mixes modern art influences with pulp fiction narratives, modern classical music concepts with vintage synthesizer blips, and meat with veggies. He has been touring festivals and galleries with his experimental one man musical show and is now presenting his first narrative work as a one man film crew.  Among Gelbart’s performance credits are Tate Britain – London, Haus der Kulturen der Welt – Berlin,
No no logic – Barcelona. He participated in video, cinema and music festivals in Berlin, Rotterdam, Paris, Vienna and more. In 2004 he received the ACUM awards for best Israeli electronic musician of the year.”