Country of Production: Germany
Year of Production: 2012
Running time: 12 min.
Language of dialogue: no dialogue

Synopsis: A transfer to Südstadt – City South, the roughest, meanest quarter of the city, becomes a living nightmare for a job-proud Postman. Bust-up postboxes, mixed-up house numbers, and mysterious inhabitants make it more and more difficult for him to get through the working day. A film about the power and possibility of failure.

Made by: Nils Voges, Malte Jehmlich, Nicolai Skopalik

“Traditional Stop-Motion Technique was used for this film. The models were moved and exposed frame-by-frame, resulting in 17280 frames in total for the film.
A main set of 13 houses was built, along with additional houses and interiors. In total the production used 100 sheets of cardboard, 40 polystyrene sheets, 100 hot-glue sticks, 20 tubes of superglue, and countless other additional materials.
For the five characters in the film, five models were handcrafted and dressed in lovingly made costumes. Around 250 facial expressions were modeled to give the characters their life-like and individual appearance.
From beginning to end the project took over 12,000 hours to complete.”