Country of Production: Finland
Year of Production: 2011
Running time: 24 min.
Language of dialogue: finnish

Synopsis: “A lighting struck Markku Mäkinen’s childhood home. A fireball burst from the radio and hurled out of the window. That instant Markku’s life was changed. In the brightness of the lightning, the invisible creatures in the room were revealed to him. Mäkinen says that the world was opened to him and he started to see things others could not. Since then the child played only with elves and fairies. As a youth, he escaped the narrow-minded world into a small wilderness cabin and lived in seclusion for years.
Mäkinen’s relationship with nature is still atypically intensive. When the film was shot, he left to the wilderness, wishing to submerge in the northern forests that have sense of neither time nor place. The journey will take at least a year, and his return is uncertain.
Mäkisen’s perspective conflicts with the demands of the rational world. The film makes a comparison between Markku Mäkinen’s struggle to keep his own view and the fate of painter Oscar Parviainen (1880-1938).”

Made by: Veli Granö

Sunday (11 March 2012) Anija

18:00-18:45 Screening F (Anija Mansion)

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