Čez 10 let

Country of Production: Slovenia
Year of Production: 2011
Running time: 11 min. 16 sec.
Language of dialogue: Slovenian

Synopsis: “””In 10 years”” is a short film that shows how can moments in our lives impact us in the future. And what will the future bring? In the days of globalization and overflow of information everything seems like a blank page. You can do whatever you want but you still have to watch out that you won’t fall of the page. What happens if you go over the edge of the page? Can you truly be free? This are the metaphors and the questions which young director Valérie Wolf Gang is interested in. It’s a field of life which she wants to discover and re-create like the fragments of our subconscious life.
Isaac Newton once said: “”For every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.”” And that’s the rule of life. ”

Made by:Valerija Zabret

Two of three kittens from the movie died couple of weeks after filming because the car run them over.

Sunday (11 March 2012) Anija

18:00-18:45 Screening F (Anija Mansion)

Tietoinen by Juhani Koivumäki, Finland, 2011, 6 min
Čez 10 let by Valerija Zabret, Slovenia, 2011, 11 min
Circleholic by Paromita Dhar, Australia, 2009, 3 min
Profeetta by Veli Granö, Finland, 2011, 24 min