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DEADLINE: 31st of May 2014


1) You have to have the rights to distribute the film you are submitting.
2) Only one entry per director is allowed.
3) English subtitles have to be provided, if there is some non-english dialogue in your film.
4) No DVD’s or screener uploads needed to participate.

Length of your film: any
Year of production: any
Genre: any
Format: any
Submission fee: none

It is our intention to present the widest possible range of randomness to our audience.


No films will be shortlisted. All films for the festival will be selected randomly. The selection process will be monitored by an official Solicitor. The number of films selected to the international competition is: 50.

Selection results will be announced by end of September 2014.
We will contact you for the screening copy of your film once it has been selected.

The selected films will be competing for random Awards.

Other means of submitting a film

We also accept submissions from the following platforms: