Submission Facts 2013

Here are some stats about the films we’ve received in 2013 for our 4th Edition in Garpenberg (Sweden).

Number of Submissions 2013: 1.461 movies
Total runtime: 28.780 minutes
That’s about 480 hours of film, which adds to almost 3 weeks of non-stop movie watching (or 3 months on a 40 hour week).

Shortest movie: 30 seconds
Longest movie: 166 minutes
Average duration: 19 minutes
Oldest movie: 1998 (98% of the films are from 2012 and 2013)

Submissions 2010-2013

We are very pleased that we have managed to increase our submissions while also slowly moving away from our Eurocentrism. Filmmakers from 105 different countries sent us their films, that’s a 54% increase in diversity from last year. We lost 5 countries that we received films from last year. Goodbye Montenegro, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Zambia and New Zealand – we hope you’ll come back next year. But on the upside we got submissions from 42 countries that never sent films before. Welcome!

Submissions by continent

Submission increase by Continent

We received 138 duplicate submissions (9%) which we had to delete. Remember we only accept 1 film per director. Last year we had to remove 6% of the submitted films from the pool.

For the math-nerds among you, here’s an xls and csv listing all submission by country (2012-2013).

Runtime of Submissions

Submissions from Europe